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The following General Terms and Conditions apply for Kathrin Lindner and the website https://kathrinlindner.com

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The herein listed General Terms and Conditions, which are accessible for anyone via the website https://kathrinlindner.com shall govern your use of our website including:

  1. All orders, offers, purchases and deliveries of KATHRIN LINDNER products through our website.
  2. By using or ordering products from our website you accept these Terms & Conditions in full. In case you disagree with the herein listed Terms & Conditions you must not use our website.
  3. In case of discrepancies between language versions, the provided English Terms and Conditions prevail.
  4. Our website may use cookies; thus by using our website, you consent to KATHRIN LINDNER’s use of Cookies according to our Privacy Policy.
  5. Upon request, a copy of the herein listed Terms & Conditions can be provided by KATHRIN LINDNER.
  6. KATHRIN LINDNER is entitled to amend the Terms & Conditions from time to time.


  1. Copyright © 2018 Kathrin Lindner
  2. Subject to the express provisions of these terms and conditions.
  3. Together with licensors, KATHRIN LINDNER controls and owns all copyright and other intellectual property rights of and the material on the website https://kathrinlindner.com
  4. All copyright and other intellectual property rights as well as the website material are reserved to KATHRIN LINDNER.


  1. All offers which are subject to conditions or valid for a limited period of time, will be highlighted accordingly for the buyer.
  2. All product offerings on our website contain accurate descriptions of products being offered.
  3. KATHRIN LINDNER is not bound by mistakes or errors in their offers.


  1. The moment buyer accepts an offer from KATHRIN LINDNER under all relevant conditions to fulfill the offer a contract will be concluded.
  2. Upon acceptance KATHRIN LINDNER will immediately confirm via the from the buyer provided Email address acceptance of the offer. Please note that buyer is responsible for provide the correct Email address to KATHRIN LINDNER. Buyer can dissolve the contact as long as he or she has not yet received acceptance via the Email provided by the buyer.
  3. Within statutory frameworks, we may request required information regarding the buyer’s payment obligation fulfillment capabilities and data that are important to responsibly conclude the contract. In case this request provides KATHRIN LINDNER with sufficient grounds for declining contract conclusion, KATHRIN LINDNER is entitled to reject an order or to bind its implementation to special conditions.
  4. The following information will be provided to the buyer by KATHRIN LINDNER upon product delivery:
    1. Product price including product taxes
    2. KATHRIN LINDNER’s address
    3. Contact details & procedure for customer support, refund and returns claims
    4. Warranty and guarantee information
    5. Delivery method


KATHRIN LINDNER offers the following SLL secure payment methods: Amazon, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal

Note: Depending on the shipping country only some of all of the above listed payment methods may be available.


All products included on KATHRIN LINDNER’s website include VAT. If a delivery is shipped to an address outside of the EU, VAT will automatically be removed during checkout.

Note: Buyer may be subject to paying duties & import when buying from outside the EU which buyer is responsible for. Please be aware that KATHRIN LINDNER does not have control over the herein mentioned charges and, as charges may vary according to the country, KATHRIN LINDNER cannot predict or advise the amount to be paid. KATHRIN LINDNER recommends contacting the local customs office to find out more information if buyer is unsure of the charges.


  1. Shipping charges for your order will be calculated and displayed at checkout. KATHRIN LINDNER offers free shipment to buyers from set minimum order values on all in store offered products, depending on the shipping country. All offered shipping countries can be selected via the shipping section during checkout.
  2. Buyer is held responsible for indication of the correct delivery address at checkout. In case anything goes wrong with an order shipment, caused by an error made by the buyer in the delivery address, KATRHIN LINDNER cannot be held responsible for a potential or partial shipment loss. In case KATHRIN LINDNER requires additional information regarding a delivery address made by the buyer, the buyer may be contacted by KATHRIN LINDNER to obtain herein mentioned additional information. A potential delivery delay may occur if additional information in terms of the delivery address is required.
  3. Delivery delays can occasionally occur. If products ordered via KATHRIN LINDNER suffer a delay, or if delivery cannot be or only partially be fulfilled, buyer will be informed about the delay after order placement, as soon as reasonably possible. If this is the case, buyer has the right to terminate the contract free of charge. In case a shipment has not been delivered 14 days after the shipment date at the delivery address (or the pick-up point), buyer must inform the KATHRIN LINDNER customer care team via admin@kathrinlindner.com.
  4. KATHRIN LINDNER will use all reasonable efforts to ensure an on-time delivery to the delivery address based on the herein mentioned delivery terms.
  5. KATHRIN LINDNER carries the risk of loss and/or damage of products up to the moment goods are delivered to the delivery address, unless explicitly agreed otherwise.
  6. The buyer must inform KATHRIN LINDNER within 24 hours of receiving an order by Email or via the contact section of KATHRIN LINDNER’S website, if a product has been delivered in damaged or incomplete state. Buyer must always inform KATHRIN LINDNER in the herein described situation(s) and await further guidance from KATHRIN LINDNER’s customer care team. Depending on the case, KATHRIN LINDNER will decide how to deal with each case. If buyer returns a damaged product without first contacting KATHRIN LINDNER via Email or via the contact section of KATHRIN LINDNER’s website, at his or her own cost, KATHRIN LINDNER cannot be held responsible for the return shipment that took place without prior consent neither for reimbursing the costs occurred through the return shipment.
  7. The buyer must inform KATHRIN LINDNER within 24 hours of receiving an order by Email or via the contact section of KATHRIN LINDNER’S website, in case a wrong product or a product he or she did not order was delivered. In such case, KATHRIN LINDNER will provide the buyer with explicit return instructions and carry the full costs of the return shipment. Buyer will take care of the return shipment based on the provided instructions. KATHRIN LINDNER will subsequently take care of the correct product shipment to the buyer under the condition that the buyer has fulfilled the return shipment of the wrong product based on the provided instructions.
  8. In case an order that has been or is being shipped by KATRHIN LINDNER went missing, is missing or in case buyer states that the order has not been received (despite evidence such as track & trace data / carrier information, indicating otherwise, a procedure of the carrier stating the complaint will be initiated by KATHRIN LINDNER and feedback from the carrier will be awaited, prior to a refund or re-shipment taking place. Buyer will be held responsible for fully cooperating with the carrier procedure. If evidence is provided that a shipment went missing, due to error by the carrier (and after completion of the complaint procedure), KATHRIN LINDNER will decide to either re-ship a new product or refund the buyer.


  1. In case buyer is not completely satisfied with the delivery, we offer a refund of the full amount within 30 days of delivery, starting upon delivery receipt, under below stated conditions.
  2. In order for the buyer to receive a refund, delivery must:
    1. Be returned in the original condition and be unworn.
    2. Not show any sign of damage or usage.
    3. Be returned including the original packaging.
  3. Buyer is in charge of the return shipment. We strongly advise to choose a secured and registered shipping method with proper packaging. For returns within the 30 days period, buyer shall complete the return form on our website within the 30 days trial period.
  4. Orders within the 30 days period after delivery are to be returned to the following address: Kemp House 160, City Road London, EC1V 2NX
  5. The shipment costs for a return shipment fall under responsibility of the buyer.
  6. In case a wrong or damaged product is delivered, buyer should not initiate a return shipment before having contacted KATHRIN LINDNER’s customer care team via Email or the contact section on our website for further return instructions. In case of a damaged or wrong delivery, buyer must inform KATHRIN LINDNER’s customer care team within 24 hours upon delivery receipt.
  7. Buyer (the return shipment sender) has the option to hold the carrier liable and raise a complaint procedure, in case of an issue, an insured return shipment is missing, gets damaged or if carrier is not able to provide a valid signature. To do so, buyer needs to keep the official receipt of the return shipment including the related tracking information.
  8. KATHRIN LINDNER will credit the buyer with a refund of the returned goods to the account which buyer used to pay the original order, as soon as reasonably possible and in any event within 14 days after receipt of the return shipment, provided that the herein mentioned return conditions are met. Please note that KATHRIN LINDNER does not credit the buyer with charges occurred through the return shipment.
  9. If the buyer decides to cancel his or her order while the shipment is in transit and before shipment has been delivered to the buyer, costs for returning the product will fall under responsibility of the buyer. Same applies to any charges related to import taxes, customs or duties that occur due to the shipment being imported into the buyer’s chosen shipment country. Those charges will be borne by the buyer. Upon crediting the buyer, KATHRIN LINDNER (the parcel sender) will deduct duties, import taxes and / or customs as far as those have been charged to KATHRIN LINDNER.


  1. The warranty policy becomes effective upon purchase of one of KATHRIN LINDNER’s products including a 1 year warranty on all in store offered products. The buyer is guaranteed a warranty that all products meet the standards in terms of reliability, durability and usability.
  2. In the following cases, the warranty policy does not apply:
    1. Intentional damage.
    2. Damage resulting from neglected care.
    3. Wear and tear as well as aging of materials.
    4. Loss or theft
    5. Damage resulting from improper usage (for example falling, scratching or bumping)
  3. KATHRIN LINDNER’s warranty policy relates to the movement, not other parts of the product such as the watch strap or the glass. Wear and tear traces on the product are to be considered as normal effects of usage.
  4. Our watches are water resistant, unless otherwise indicated in the related product description. They should however only be exposed to minor water slashes and cannot be worn while showering, diving or swimming. Buyer is aware and agrees that KATHRIN LINDNER’s products will get damage in case not handled with care and are fragile. Our warranty policy only applies for demonstrable errors in production. Additionally, our products should not be exposed to substances such as chemicals or parfum, water or cleaning products, as this may result in product damage. The effects of perspiration on the strap may be different from person to person, due to differences in acidity.
  5. The warranty policy does not apply, should repair works by any third party have been performed, without getting written permission by KATHRIN LINDNER.
  6. Costs for shipment of returns after a warranty or repair request after the product has been in usage, will need to be carried by the buyer


KATHRIN LINDNER will store all data entered by customer in a database. The data will be used to fulfil the buyer’s order and stored as long as necessary for successful order fulfilment.

KATHRIN LINDNER will take reasonable technical and organizational precautions to prevent the loss, misuse, or alteration of your personal information. The buyer’s personal data will not be shared with any third party, except for order fulfilment or for repairs. KATHRIN LINDNER is allowed to use data provided by the buyer for advertising purposes to the buyer.


The herein described Terms & Conditions are governed by British Law. Any potential dispute between KATHRIN LINDNER & the buyer will be subject to court in the United Kingdom.

However, buyer may be able to invoke mandatory legislation which is applicable in their country of residence.